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6 Lies – 6 Truths – New Business Owners

A 19-page roadmap to the common myths and truths of owning and growing a business. No nonsense, just a fresh, reality-based perspective. Learn the six things you SHOULD know about starting a new business.

It Works Like This – Our Approach to Growing a Business

A 20-page playbook with the answer to the questions “What’s next?” or “What else can I do to grow my business?” Learn how to improve business performance, grow a business, grow a management team, and grow your leadership skills.

Getting Buy In – Planning for Change With Your Team

Get buy-in to the big changes in your organization. How do you get your employees to believe that without change, there will never be growth? Most businesses don’t even try. That promotes resistance and stops change dead in its tracks.  Assuming you have the right people on your team, they will agree to change when you explain its necessity and make it clear to them what’s in it for them, and what the honest challenges are.

The 360 Customer Experience Cycle – creating the foundations of repeat and referred business

Create a customer experience that drives sales, repeat and referred business, and profits. Is getting sales and getting repeat sales the same thing? Most businesses are leaving market share on the table, because they don’t understand the difference. Repeat and referred business is the lifeblood of a thriving business, and the only way to ensure growing market share.

The Recruiting Cycle – how to have the one thing that matters more than anything else: a talented team

‘The Recruiting Cycle: The roadmap to building a high-value, high retention organization.’ Do you market for talent? Most businesses don’t. And THAT’S a mistake. Marketing for talent and just putting up job postings, are not the same thing.  If you have the right talent on your team your customers will come, and they will stay.

Positive Feedback Management – the most effective way to improve productivity

This 14-page roadmap covers why Positive Feedback is the most effective management tool there is, and how to redesign your organization and your management practices to leverage the power of positive feedback. Do you want to improve productivity, retention, and net happiness? Start using positive feedback today.

The Cash Flow Cycle – the heart of a financially successful business

This eBook walks you through the steps to build a cash flow cycle that supports growth through bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is a challenging way to grow a business at the best of times, but if your cash flow is not optimal, it is impossible. Revenues and profits matter, but nothing matters as much in growing a business as available cash flow.

The Ultimate Business – how is this all going to end?

‘The Ultimate Business – Your Guide To Maximizing The Value of Your Business’

This 21-page toolkit covers the three major steps you have to take in your journey to creating the ultimate business: (1) Build the brand; (2) Build the team; (3) Build the systems. Your business will not give you a positive return on your investment of blood, sweat, and tears, until you have implemented the ideas in this guide.

The Organized Owner – Managing Email

How to get on top of email and start using it as a productivity tool instead of a productivity drain.

The Trades Business Toolkit

Download ‘Trades Business Toolkit – The Tools You Need to Grow a Trades Business’. Learn how a trades business can grow market share, develop resilient systems, and develop human capacity. This is all about improving business performance and growing from ‘self-employed plumber or electrician’ to being the owner of a thriving business where you don’t work on the tools!

The Strategic Business

Want to get past being self-employed and start getting the benefits you have dreamed about, being a business owner? Download this blueprint to effective strategic planning. Understand the reasons why strategic planning is central to your growth. Business Strategy is not mysterious or complex, it is just a basic set of principles that help you make the right decisions that grow your business dreams into business reality.

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6 Things That Will Absolutely Change Your Business

Download our free e-book to learn how to improve your business by doing these 6 simple steps.
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Free E-Book - 6 Things That Will Absolutely Change Your Business

Clemens, I have gained a healthy level of respect for the breadth of your business knowledge. A couple of months ago I retained you as a business coach. I run a strong business, but I have always had nagging doubts about the way I do things, and where my focus should be. You spent a great deal of time up front gaining an understanding of my business, as well as the industry as a whole and the environment I work in. Once you had that down, you turned your attention to me.I’m happy to say that I can now move forward with my business development, comfortable in the knowledge that the path I have chosen is the correct one. You have helped me to refine the focus of my clientele, recognize the market that has the highest potential for development, and bolster my brand and image.Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement.

Michael Watkins

As my business and personal Coach, Clemens has moved me out of the realm of “comfortable” and into uncomfortable. It is during this state where I find my greatest occurrences of growth, both personally and professionally. Specifically, in the past 2 years he has recommended and directed me in implementing two very difficult changes which have had significant positive impacts in my life. I know without doubt that I would not have made these changes without Clemens’ expert advice and because of this I recommend him to all who seek such a professional. My life is so much better because of him.

Tony Joe

Then Clemens Rettich got up to speak – wow he was off to a fast start, challenging the old models of business, bringing us up to date and acknowledging the changes that are unfolding in our society and business relationships. It was stimulating, provocative and belief shattering! As you can imagine it also stirred quite the discussion after wards. Today I ordered Clemens book “Great Performances” I am inspired.

Geoffrey X Lane