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Your Business Is Unique

Every business is unique. The market and industry it operates in, how long it has been around, the values of the owners: all of these things shape your business. At Great Performances Group we design responsive and effective systems and tools for business growth. The right tool at the right time gets the job done.

Three Cycles

Every business in your market, your community, and in the world, is at a different stage of growth. We divide those stages into 3 Cycles: Traction, Growth, and Enterprise.

Traction Cycle

You are just getting started. You need every bit of help to get traction, that solid connection with your customers that results in sales growth.

We know what keeps you up at night as a new business owner. Getting traction feels like it takes everything you have but the wheels still keep slipping. It is a constant effort to keep sales growing while also trying to build the foundations of a sustainable business.

Traction Cycle Priorities

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Growing a network
  • Growing business knowledge

Growth Cycle

You have been in business for up to 10 years. You have traction: you have steadily growing sales and a few employees. You have more work than you can take on, and are working too many hours. There are a lot of good things happening, but the risks and complexity just keep piling on.

The Growth Cycle challenge: we go from having not enough work to having too much. This is a fun phase because we don’t stay up at night worrying about sales. But in the night the thought that this is not sustainable, creeps in. Inconsistency and overwhelm are the biggest challenges.

Growth Cycle Priorities

  • Recruiting & management
  • Marketing to grow market share
  • Developing systems

Enterprise Cycle

The business has its own momentum. You are a leader in your market and in market-share. You’ve been at this for 20 years or more and there are days when you don’t need to go in to work. You have a great management team in place. You have questions about expanding or selling the business.

An Enterprise Cycle business owner doesn’t so much have problems as complex choices. You have significant market share and consistent momentum. Your success is rooted in the success of your management team and the quality of your own high-level decision-making.

Enterprise Cycle Priorities

  • Management capacity
  • Effective leadership
  • Sale or Scale

The Great Performances Group Business Advising Services

The Great Performances Group of business coaches, advisors, trainers, and facilitators provide growth services for businesses at all three levels of growth.

For Traction Cycle Businesses

  • Sales training
  • Business Foundations Training
  • 90 – Day Foundation Building Consulting
  • Virtual Administrative Support

For Growth Cycle Businesses

  • Recruiting Support (consulting and administration)
  • Marketing Support (consulting and administration)
  • Management training, coaching and advising
  • Systems Development (consulting and administration)
  • Coaching and advising

For Enterprise Cycle Businesses

  • Management training, coaching and advising
  • Leadership consulting and advising
  • Business sale and acquisition advising
  • Business expansion and pre-franchising consulting

Read our eBook on growing businesses through the three cycles, entitled “It Works Like This”.
You’ll find 32 concrete, actionable tips to address the opportunities and challenges we see in businesses at every stage of growth.


Business Training Program

Our training program helps you to build the foundations for a healthy and profitable business within a small group setting over 26 weeks.

Business Foundations Program

We want to help you build the foundations for a healthy & profitable business.

Business Growth Program

You are the owner of a newer business (less than 5 years) and you know that in order to grow you need to move from working in the business to working on the business. We help you set the stage.

Business Expansion Program

Your business is successful. You are ready to expand your business into new models or new markets. You understand and are looking for opportunities for non-linear growth and scaling up.


Keynotes & Workshops

Great Performances Group offers workshops and keynote speaking to help you grow your business from self-employed and stressed to business owner and profitable.

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Operational Support

We know that one of the biggest challenges business owners face is having the time to work ON their business when they are working IN their business. That is why Great Performances Group offers operational support for when resources are a challenge. You can then focus on growing your business from self-employed and stressed to business owner and profitable.