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You own a small business. Maybe a really small business. You have heard 80% of all businesses fail out of the gate.

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What You Get

Master the Five Foundations of business: marketing, human resources, management, finances, and operations.

With Business Foundations Training you learn to use every tool you need to build a thriving, sustainable, profitable business.

  • 25 classes (complete curriculum below) + 50 online seminars
  • A copy of Great Performances – The Small Business Script for the 21st Century
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • One year with 9 other small business owners building the best businesses possible
  • Podcasts, videos, templates… Business Tools!
  • 1 year of support after completing the program

Can you afford business training to grow your business?

  • $225 per month for 12 months
  • 15% discount for automatic credit card payments (save over $400.00)
  • 30% discount for full course prepayment (save over $800.00)

… for the best small business classroom training in North America, or $25 per week, for the online program yes you can.

Complete Curriculum

[Bonus! Every class also has a sales tips section! Improve your sales!]

Business Foundations Training Curriculum

Unit One – Values
Script #1: Getting to Why
Script #2: Value Alignment

Unit Two – Marketing
Script #3: Designing Customer Experience
Script #4: Connecting With Your Tribe
Script #5: Make the Marketing Mix Real
Script #6: Becoming a Truly Social Business
Script #7: Maximizing your Customer Relationship “Surface Area”

Unit Three – Management and Team Development
Script #8: Culture is a System
Script #9: The Ultimate Org Chart
Script #10: The Team Development Cycle
Script #11: Your Strategic Team
Script #12: Feedback Management

Unit Four – Operations
Script #13: The Three Resources [People/Time/Money] Script #14: The Magic Bullets: Creativity and Altruism
Script #15: The Value of the Owner [How to delegate to grow] Script #16: Building Your Enterprise Team [delegate to grow pt 2] Time
Script #17: Want Your Business To Grow? Make a List [administration – time management] Script #18: Time Management for Business Owners [administration – time management] Money
Script #19: Small Business Foundations – Finances Part 1
Script #20: Small Business Foundations – Finances Part 2
Script #21: Other People’s Money

Unit Five – Expansions and Exits
Script #22: Leaping Shadows – The Ultimate Business
Script #23: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 1
Script #24: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 2
Script #25: The Enterprise Cycle – Part 3

Current Classes

Victoria, BC – Every second Wednesday 12:00 PM – Starting October 26 –  Sands Board Room (2016)Register Now!

Victoria, BC – Wednesdays 12:00 PM –  Sands Board Room (2015) – Sold Out

Duncan, BC – Tuesdays 12:00 PM – Duncan BIA – Sold Out

Victoria, BC – Thursdays 12:00 PM – Sands Board Room (2015) – Sold Out

Victoria, BC – Thursdays 8:00 AM – Victoria Executive Centre (2014) – Sold Out

Cowichan, BC – Tuesdays 12:00 PM – Community Futures Cowichan (2015) – Sold Out

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Clemens, I have gained a healthy level of respect for the breadth of your business knowledge. A couple of months ago I retained you as a business coach. I run a strong business, but I have always had nagging doubts about the way I do things, and where my focus should be. You spent a great deal of time up front gaining an understanding of my business, as well as the industry as a whole and the environment I work in. Once you had that down, you turned your attention to me.I’m happy to say that I can now move forward with my business development, comfortable in the knowledge that the path I have chosen is the correct one. You have helped me to refine the focus of my clientele, recognize the market that has the highest potential for development, and bolster my brand and image.Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement.

Michael Watkins

As my business and personal Coach, Clemens has moved me out of the realm of “comfortable” and into uncomfortable. It is during this state where I find my greatest occurrences of growth, both personally and professionally. Specifically, in the past 2 years he has recommended and directed me in implementing two very difficult changes which have had significant positive impacts in my life. I know without doubt that I would not have made these changes without Clemens’ expert advice and because of this I recommend him to all who seek such a professional. My life is so much better because of him.

Tony Joe

Then Clemens Rettich got up to speak – wow he was off to a fast start, challenging the old models of business, bringing us up to date and acknowledging the changes that are unfolding in our society and business relationships. It was stimulating, provocative and belief shattering! As you can imagine it also stirred quite the discussion after wards. Today I ordered Clemens book “Great Performances” I am inspired.

Geoffrey X Lane