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Clemens is the author of Great Performances: The Small Business Script for the 21st Century, and the lead trainer for the Great Performances Group.

Clemens approach focuses on the interrelationships of the mechanics of a business.

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Heidi Kuster

Heidi Kuster is the successful owner of In Your Corner
Virtual Assistant Services. Her mission is to provide
support for fellow entrepreneurs to help them overcome
obstacles and achieve success. Through the Great
Performances program Heidi uses empathetic listening
skills gained from over 25 years in customer service to
learn about your business’ strengths and challenges before
shining the power of positive observation in guiding you to

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Clemens, I have gained a healthy level of respect for the breadth of your business knowledge. A couple of months ago I retained you as a business coach. I run a strong business, but I have always had nagging doubts about the way I do things, and where my focus should be. You spent a great deal of time up front gaining an understanding of my business, as well as the industry as a whole and the environment I work in. Once you had that down, you turned your attention to me.I’m happy to say that I can now move forward with my business development, comfortable in the knowledge that the path I have chosen is the correct one. You have helped me to refine the focus of my clientele, recognize the market that has the highest potential for development, and bolster my brand and image.Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement.

Michael Watkins

As my business and personal Coach, Clemens has moved me out of the realm of “comfortable” and into uncomfortable. It is during this state where I find my greatest occurrences of growth, both personally and professionally. Specifically, in the past 2 years he has recommended and directed me in implementing two very difficult changes which have had significant positive impacts in my life. I know without doubt that I would not have made these changes without Clemens’ expert advice and because of this I recommend him to all who seek such a professional. My life is so much better because of him.

Tony Joe

Then Clemens Rettich got up to speak – wow he was off to a fast start, challenging the old models of business, bringing us up to date and acknowledging the changes that are unfolding in our society and business relationships. It was stimulating, provocative and belief shattering! As you can imagine it also stirred quite the discussion after wards. Today I ordered Clemens book “Great Performances” I am inspired.

Geoffrey X Lane