We Deliver Great Performances For Trades

Business coaching and support services for the Trades and Construction industry.

The majority of our clients are in the trades. There is good reason for this. Great Performances Group has extensive experience in the trades and contracting environment and understand both the challenges and opportunities.

We work with Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, General Contracting, Design Build, Finishing Carpentry, Roofing, Painting, and other trades.

We grow Trades Businesses like we grow any other business, through the Great Performances 3-Cycle approach. Some of the opportunities and challenges unique to the trades that we address include:

Recruiting. There are no great places or times to recruit in the trades. Either you are in a hothouse environment where candidates are scarce and pay through the roof, or you are in a ‘quiet’ environment where it is impossible to find even moderately qualified candidates because… they are all moving to the hothouse locations!

Getting Off the Tools. You can’t grow your business if you are on the tools. We help you start from scratch to build the systems and the team to get you off the tools and growing your business.

Beyond Feast and Famine. The trades are closely tied to housing cycles and even the weather. We work to develop predictable cash flow, diversified revenue sources, and a team that knows customer service and sales are at least as important as anything they learned at school.

Trades and Construction industry business coaching and support services.

I’ve been working with Clemens Rettich for about 4 years now. During this time our company the Super Plumber has more then quadrupled in size by revenue, employees, and profit. Thru this process, I’ve included Clemens in every major decision that I’ve required feedback and advice on. He has a way of making complicated process’s uncomplicated, and helps me feel more confident in my decisions. If your thinking about using his services, stop thinking so much, just do it. You’ll be impressed.

-Brody Funk GM, The Super Plumber ltd.

Business Training Program

Business Training Program

Our training program helps you to build the foundations for a healthy and profitable business within a small group setting over 26 weeks.

Business Foundations Program

Business Foundations Program

We want to help you build the foundations for a healthy & profitable business.

Business Growth Program

Business Growth Program

You are the owner of a newer business (less than 5 years) and you know that in order to grow you need to move from working in the business to working on the business. We help you set the stage.

Business Expansion Program

Business Expansion Program

Your business is successful. You are ready to expand your business into new models or new markets. You understand and are looking for opportunities for non-linear growth and scaling up.

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Doug was a joy to work with, as I pressed the reset button on our business after our main product’s market turned commodity. Though we design custom embedded systems and are challenged to explain what we do (other than “we specialize in the weird”) Doug came up to speed on our markets and talents and capabilities very quickly. He provided valuable guidance both on the process of evaluating business/product ideas (from a selection of over a dozen) to specific recommendations on some of the details of implementing the “go forward plan”. He is extremely bright, yet easy to work with, and communications were crystal clear at all times. We will continue to employ the benefits of his grey-matter in the future.

Brian Empey

Doug’s coaching and mentoring were of great value to my company as we entered and proceeded through an international business competition. With Doug’s help, our company placed in the top ten. Doug’s help was especially important in the final round when we made our pitch to an elite group of investors.

Thanks to Doug’s experience, he had the ability to intuitively understand and analyze our strengths and weaknesses and quickly provide a clear, effective plan of action for us.

Phil Bailey

I began working with Doug in 2016, following a difficult year where we faced many of the regular challenges new start-ups meet. Doug rapidly helped me take a step back from my business and implement simple yet highly valuable tools to clarify our vision, focus and address issues at a steady pace, quarter after quarter. I would recommend other small business owners to work with Doug and implement the EOS tools.

Olivier Lessard