About Great Performances Group

Our Mission

Our mission as the Great Performances Group is to improve the lives of business owners and their communities by improving the success of their businesses. We believe that business is a primary contributor to the health of any community. We believe we can support business at every level, strategically and operationally, and in any place. Our daily work is to improve the profitability and accelerate the growth of our clients.

Our Team

We are a growing group of coaches, trainers, and consultants providing support for businesses of every size and throughout North America. We offer a range of services and knowledge to support your growth.

Where We Work

While we are headquartered in British Columbia, we provide services for businesses, communities and organizations throughout North America, and around the world. Our clients have come from places as far flung as Victoria BC, Presidente Prudente Brazil, San Diego California, Calgary Alberta, Toronto Ontario, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Whitehorse Yukon, Stamford Connecticut, Wilton Connecticut, Vancouver British Columbia, and First Nations communities in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.


You are considering starting a business and understand that investing in training now will help you grow faster and minimize risks. It is estimated 80% of all businesses fail out of the gate. We can help you become one of the 20% that succeed.

We provide training in a growing number of communities and through distance education tools for any business owner or manager who understands the need to master the five foundations of business: marketing, human resources, management, finances, and operations.

Coaching and Advising

Traction Cycle Businesses – we help businesses just getting started to get traction in the market, and get the management of their businesses on a path to profitability and success.

Growth Cycle Businesseswe help you grow your team and your systems to maximize your capacity for growth. Budgets, marketing strategies, team development, standardized operations, manuals, training… we work with you to develop the tools, the people, and the cash flow for growth and expansion.

Enterprise Cycle Businesses – for larger enterprises we provide management and employee training focusing on productivity, retention, project management, and change management.

At Great Performances Group, we help you develop momentum in your businesses by designing and implementing:

  • healthy productive culture
  • solid written and software-supported systems
  • maximum alignment of mission, values, marketing, culture, and operations
  • opportunities for non-linear growth through franchising, licensing, and expansion into new markets
  • opportunities for external capital including equity partners, and major loans
  • exit and succession strategies

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Doug was a joy to work with, as I pressed the reset button on our business after our main product’s market turned commodity. Though we design custom embedded systems and are challenged to explain what we do (other than “we specialize in the weird”) Doug came up to speed on our markets and talents and capabilities very quickly. He provided valuable guidance both on the process of evaluating business/product ideas (from a selection of over a dozen) to specific recommendations on some of the details of implementing the “go forward plan”. He is extremely bright, yet easy to work with, and communications were crystal clear at all times. We will continue to employ the benefits of his grey-matter in the future.

Brian Empey

Doug’s coaching and mentoring were of great value to my company as we entered and proceeded through an international business competition. With Doug’s help, our company placed in the top ten. Doug’s help was especially important in the final round when we made our pitch to an elite group of investors.

Thanks to Doug’s experience, he had the ability to intuitively understand and analyze our strengths and weaknesses and quickly provide a clear, effective plan of action for us.

Phil Bailey

I began working with Doug in 2016, following a difficult year where we faced many of the regular challenges new start-ups meet. Doug rapidly helped me take a step back from my business and implement simple yet highly valuable tools to clarify our vision, focus and address issues at a steady pace, quarter after quarter. I would recommend other small business owners to work with Doug and implement the EOS tools.

Olivier Lessard