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We grow businesses. Faster.

The Great Performances Group, under the leadership of Principal and Lead Consultant Clemens Rettich, works with startups and new businesses to get the best possible start; with rapidly growing businesses to build great teams and sustainable momentum, and with mature businesses developing exit and succession strategies including sales, acquisitions, and franchising.

The Great Performances Group provides business coaching, employee and management training, advising, and operational support.

Our job is to help you align all the parts of your business for sustained profitable growth. We make sure your marketing, management, finances, and operations are working together, pulling in the same direction.

We can help take your company to the next level – from start-up through expansion to exit and succession strategies.

Support For The New (Traction Cycle) Business - Great Performances Group

Traction Cycle

Support For The New (Traction Cycle) Business. You are just getting started. Your new business needs traction: that solid connection with new customers that results in rapid sales growth. Your business needs that traction now. We know what keeps you up at night as a new business owner: getting traction feels like it takes everything you have. The wheels keep slipping. It is a constant effort to keep sales growing while building the foundations of your business.
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Growth Cycle - Great Performances Group

Growth Cycle

You have been in business for up to 10 years. You have traction: growing sales, and a few employees. You have more work than you can take on, and are working too many hours. There are a lot of good things happening, but the risks and complexity keep piling on. The Growth Cycle challenge: we go from having not enough work to having too much. This is a fun phase because we don’t stay up at night worrying about sales.
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The Successful - Enterprise Scale - Business

Enterprise Cycle

Your business has its own momentum. You are a leader in your market, and in market-share. You’ve been at this for 20 years or more, and there are days when you don’t need to go to work. You have a great management team in place. You do have questions about expanding, franchising, or selling, the business. As an Enterprise Cycle business owner, you don’t have problems as much as you have complex choices.
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Free E-Book - 6 Things That Will Absolutely Change Your Business

Clemens has proven to be an extremely valuable resource and asset in many areas including social media, marketing and as a presenter and facilitator during our annual general meetings. We have seen a marked improvement in the area of brand awareness and interactions with our clients via online social media sites.  Through our connections with Clemens we have developed a deeper understanding about the importance of social media and have made a commitment to further develop this area.  One of the greatest areas of impact has been felt through his presentations at our annual general meetings.  Clemens has participated in two annual general meetings thus far and provided all in attendance with information that applied to our industry while presenting it in a way that was informative, humorous and memorable.  On the second occasion, Clemens not only presented but operated as a facilitator enabling those from head office to focus solely on being a part of the meeting helping to create a truly team environment.  If you are looking for someone who will speak honestly, directly and thoughtfully in order to get you and your company where you want to be, we highly recommend that you meet with Clemens.  Once you’ve sat down and spoken to him we know that you’ll be as impressed as we are and make him a part of your team.

Jeannette Humphreys, Special Projects Coordinator
Serious Coffee

John has been invaluable to our organization through his services as a business advisor. His genuine interest and passion for helping business owners shows in his dedication. He a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend his services to get your business to that next level.

Christopher Tio, OwnerAircoal.com

It was a pleasure working with Doug Walker in structuring a shareholder agreement for our health and wellness meal planning application and website Meal Planner Pro (www.mealplannerpro.com). We needed to accommodate different levels of investment which presented many challenges. Doug was able to quickly grasp the complexities and provide us with a clear and concise outline of each party’s rights and responsibilities. This gave us the structure needed for current and future investment. Beyond Doug’s impressive skill set and experience, he has the ability to think outside the box, delivers on what he promises, can work under tight deadlines, and has very strong communication skills. I can highly recommend Doug Walker. He would be a tremendous asset to any project or company.

Commodore Allen
Meal Planner Pro