Twitter lists are one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you focus your time on priority people. And who would be a higher priority than those with whom you are in regular email contact, or those that are making the effort to stay connected with you?

Here are two tools that make it easier to stay connected with people who have a greater presence in your life generally:

  1. If you use Smartr by Xobni (talked about it here) and Gmail or Google Business Apps, they have a nice bonus for you. Smartr will automatically generate a Twitter list from your top Gmail contacts. The assumption Smartr makes is that email exchanges indicate a higher degree of connection and importance than ‘only’ Twitter exchanges. In my case that is largely true. So very conveniently, Smartr creates a Twitter list of those people for me. When I only have 10 minutes to connect with or retweet my closest relationships I go straight to that list.
  2. Forumulists. Formulists is another automatic list generating site. It allows you to create two lists for free, based on various criteria that you can set. To get more than 2 lists you have to refer friends to sign up for the service as well. I have never needed more than the two lists you see above (“my-twitter-tribe” and “top-40“). The great thing about all of these automated lists is that you don’t need to add to them or prune them. They are adjusted in real time, reflecting the actual level of engagement you have with them. If someone stops communicating with you, or or no longer fits certain criteria, they drop off the list. If someone new shows up in your Twitter life and proves to be engaging, they are automatically added to the list.

Have any other suggestions or questions about using social tools more effectively? Let me know!

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