work-life balance is a toxic myth. Katherine Hepburn.

There is no balance.

When we seek work-life balance we are seeking that doesn’t exist and wouldn’t be good enough if it did.

Metaphors are powerful. They can change how we think. We use metaphors because they work. When we talk about work-life balance we are using a metaphor. It is a metaphor that shapes how we think and fuels a huge segment of the self-help industry.

There Are Only Priorities

Hours and dollars spent seeking to ‘balance’ work and life are hours, money, energies and hopes spent on a deception.

There is no balance; there are only priorities. One thing always matters more than another. When we subscribe to the opiate of balance we avoid making the hard decisions that actually move us forward.

And it isn’t enough.

Become Unbalanced

The deception is an implied division: work from life. Good work and a good life are the same thing and driven by the same passions. They were never meant to be two things.

Tip things over. Fall hard on one side. Become a little unhinged, a little unbalanced, a little mad. The best among us are.

Stop looking for balance and start making a difference. That mission requires a little unbalanced passion, a little more than is polite or healthy.

Make a dent. Join the Davises, the Picassos, the Mahlers, the Jobs, the Gandhis, the Angelous, and the Hepburns.

Tip something over. Make a difference. Instead of balancing two lives, live one passionately. We are entrepreneurs to create a life that matters. Create this.

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