Grow your business by hustling

The Great Performances approach to growing a business divides the journey into three phases, each associated with a live frog:

  1. Current CycleThe hustle: 1) selling 2) selling and 3) … selling
  2. Growth Cycle – letting go of control and perfection; build a team and delegate like hell
  3. Enterprise Cycle – getting over your own limited vision; get big to get out: franchising, passive income, selling, licensing, expansion into new markets

Each is a live frog that must be eaten. Get busy.

The Hustle

In business, planning matters and learning and training matter more. But especially at the start (Current Cycle) it’s all just expensive coffin nails if you aren’t selling.

To become a successful business owner means no more over-thinking, no more fear of rejection, no more hiding behind networking, social media, or the excuses of gender, location, age, or a repressed childhood.

Start selling. Get over yourself, get out there, and hustle like your life depends on it.

Because it does. Learn the hustle.

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