Business Programs
For Great Performances

At Great Performances we offer a variety of programs for any stage of your business. Whether you require business training, foundations for your business or business growth and expansion we will help you outperform.

Business Training Program

Our training program helps you to build the foundations for a healthy and profitable business within a small group setting over 26 weeks.

Business Foundations Program

We want to help you build the foundations for a healthy & profitable business.

Business Growth Program

You are the owner of a newer business (less than 5 years) and you know that in order to grow you need to move from working in the business to working on the business. We help you set the stage.

Business Expansion Program

Your business is successful. You are ready to expand your business into new models or new markets. You understand and are looking for opportunities for non-linear growth and scaling up.

Success Round Tables

We match you with other like minded business owners and facilitate a monthly meeting to discuss business challenges, strategy and success.


Keynotes & Workshops

Great Performances Group offers Great Performance workshops and keynote speaking to help you grow your business from self-employed and stressed to business owner and profitable.

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Operational Support

We know that one of the biggest challenges business owners face is having the time to work on their business when they are working in their business, that is why Great Performances offers operational support for when resources are a challenge.