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At the Great Performances Group, we understand that business performance and growth is a two-sided coin. On the one side you need strategy and direction and on the other tactics and execution.

You can’t have one without the other.

operational administrative VA marketing data entry business supportWe support business owners and managers on both sides. We provide strategic AND operational support, and we provide as-needed operational support in many areas, including:

Administrative support

  • data entry
  • bookkeeping
  • scheduling
  • email management
  • dashboard management / performance reports
  • business plan writing

Marketing support

  • social media management
  • email newsletter production and management
  • CRM development and management
  • Lead generation and deal pipeline management (online, mail -addressed and unaddressed, and telephone)

Recruiting and HR support

  • creating job descriptions
  • creating and managing job postings
  • creating/reviewing onboarding and training programs
  • writing training and operations manuals
  • writing employee handbooks
  • Lumina Spark assessments and workshops

Training support

  • Project Management training
  • curriculum development / writing training manuals
  • management retreats and people management workshops
  • Positive Feedback Management training
  • staff development in the areas of productivity and communication
  • customer service training

You need an operating manual. You need sales templates. You need a budget for the year. You need to hire new staff. We take care of it for you.


Rates vary depending on the work being done, and to the extent the work is connected with other work we are doing (e.g. writing a business plan in conjunction with an ongoing coaching/advising relationship). Sample range:

  • marketing support (including social media management) $50 – $200 /hr
  • data entry (e.g. databases, contact lists, financial reports) $50 – $200 /hr
  • recruiting and HR support (e.g. job descriptions, postings, training manuals, training) – please contact us
  • business plan development $75 – $225 /hr
  • training and workshops $225 /hr – $1,000 per day (plus travel and other out-of-pocket expenses)

Our team gets your work done quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. We do the things that could move your business forward, but you just can’t get to. We get you unstuck and growing.

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John has been my business coach for a year now and I have seen an ROI of 25% in my net Revenue and profit as a result. He has helped me to focus on driving sales, focusing my time, improving production and employee satisfaction. As an entrepreneur, it is important to know where you are in your business and specifically where you are going. John has given me tools to analyse what I have done and do what i have to do to move my business forward.

Cheryl Foley

I highly recommend John as a coach and a business consultant: deep experience and interest in a client's needs, strong support and powerful coaching skills helped me to identify a new level of my business development through amazing "Aha moment!" just in a hour work with John! Thank you John, and wishing you well!

Marina Malmberg – Owner

John is a visionary that takes global thinking from years of experience across big and small corporate environments, and applies it locally by pursuing his passion of providing traction for micro business growth. Working alongside John at The Network Hub Nanaimo has resulted in several "a-ha!" moments through discussion and collaboration, and John's presence is reassuring. So, if you are like me - a micro-business owner with a 'why not' mindset - you will likely experience a faster 'concept' to 'commercialization' for your business by working with John.

Angie Bernard, Hub Builder
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