About Great Performances Group

Our Mission

Our mission as the Great Performances Group is to improve the lives of business owners and their communities by improving the success of their businesses. We believe that business is a primary contributor to the health of any community. We believe we can support business at every level, strategically and operationally, and in any place. Our daily work is to improve the profitability and accelerate the growth of our clients.

Our Team

We are a growing group of coaches, trainers, and consultants providing support for businesses of every size and throughout North America. We offer a range of services and knowledge to support your growth.

Where We Work

While we are headquartered in British Columbia, we provide services for businesses, communities and organizations throughout North America, and around the world. Our clients have come from places as far flung as Victoria BC, Presidente Prudente Brazil, San Diego California, Calgary Alberta, Toronto Ontario, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Whitehorse Yukon, Stamford Connecticut, Wilton Connecticut, Vancouver British Columbia, and First Nations communities in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.


You are considering starting a business and understand that investing in training now will help you grow faster and minimize risks. It is estimated 80% of all businesses fail out of the gate. We can help you become one of the 20% that succeed.

We provide training in a growing number of communities and through distance education tools for any business owner or manager who understands the need to master the five foundations of business: marketing, human resources, management, finances, and operations.

Coaching and Advising

Traction Cycle Businesses – we help businesses just getting started to get traction in the market, and get the management of their businesses on a path to profitability and success.

Growth Cycle Businesseswe help you grow your team and your systems to maximize your capacity for growth. Budgets, marketing strategies, team development, standardized operations, manuals, training… we work with you to develop the tools, the people, and the cash flow for growth and expansion.

Enterprise Cycle Businesses – for larger enterprises we provide management and employee training focusing on productivity, retention, project management, and change management.

At Great Performances Group, we help you develop momentum in your businesses by designing and implementing:

  • healthy productive culture
  • solid written and software-supported systems
  • maximum alignment of mission, values, marketing, culture, and operations
  • opportunities for non-linear growth through franchising, licensing, and expansion into new markets
  • opportunities for external capital including equity partners, and major loans
  • exit and succession strategies

6 Things That Will Absolutely Change Your Business

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John has been my business coach for a year now and I have seen an ROI of 25% in my net Revenue and profit as a result. He has helped me to focus on driving sales, focusing my time, improving production and employee satisfaction. As an entrepreneur, it is important to know where you are in your business and specifically where you are going. John has given me tools to analyse what I have done and do what i have to do to move my business forward.

Cheryl Foley

I highly recommend John as a coach and a business consultant: deep experience and interest in a client's needs, strong support and powerful coaching skills helped me to identify a new level of my business development through amazing "Aha moment!" just in a hour work with John! Thank you John, and wishing you well!

Marina Malmberg – Owner

John is a visionary that takes global thinking from years of experience across big and small corporate environments, and applies it locally by pursuing his passion of providing traction for micro business growth. Working alongside John at The Network Hub Nanaimo has resulted in several "a-ha!" moments through discussion and collaboration, and John's presence is reassuring. So, if you are like me - a micro-business owner with a 'why not' mindset - you will likely experience a faster 'concept' to 'commercialization' for your business by working with John.

Angie Bernard, Hub Builder
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