business owners stand at the doorway of making decisions

You are standing at a doorway.

We are always standing at a doorway. We have in each moment of our lives a choice to walk through a door that moves us into a new space, or we can leave it closed and stay where we are.

The moments in which we make that decision are liminal moments. Liminal moments are those brief moments in which we are not quite here yet not quite there either. We are trapeze artists after we have let go of the first bar, but not yet connected with the next. We are moving through space holding nothing.

Liminal moments are always a place of some fear. We never know exactly what lies beyond the door.

There are so many liminal moments in small business.

The way forward in business is not just about making decisions; it is about finding the important decisions that need to be made and making them.

That moment we have the courage to raise our prices to where they should be, we walk through a doorway of value and valuing ourselves.

That moment we hire our first employee, we walk through a doorway of letting go of some control in exchange for imagining something bigger than ourselves.

That moment we first use someone else’s money in our business, we walk through the doorway of seeing money as a tool, not an end.

In each case, and so many more, everything changes if we walk through that door and you can’t go back. It can be scary as hell, but it transforms life. Each doorway has something of the unknown, and walking through it is heart of the entrepreneurial journey.

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