vectors for change balloons representing minions

Extend your reach.

Great Performances rule #2 is: to grow is to delegate. But your workforce, your team, could be so much more than just a tool in the growth of your business. They could be minions of value.

You believe in something, right? You have the answer to the most important question there is: “Why are we in business?”

Could your workforce, your team, your minions be vectors of values that matter to you and your community? How about expanding “getting things done” from just inside the organization, to real leadership in your community? Could your minions become vectors for change in the world?

How much more could you get done within and without if you could jump over your own shadow, extend your reach, trigger a little revolution of doing things right? Isn’t that what Richard Branson, Tony Hsie, and Ricardo Semler are doing?

Delegating in your business is just the start. With the right attitude your team could become a powerful vector for change for your community. An employee empowered to make a difference doesn’t stop making a difference because it’s 5:00 PM.

With that perspective would you recruit differently? With a vision like that would you train and plan differently? Would you see delegation and growth differently? You can make a difference. Or you can make more of a difference. The difference is doing it alone, or not doing it alone.

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