lead the pride

There aren’t any in ‘team’ but there are 4 of them in initiative.


The i-factor, the heart of the intrapreneur: the employee who behaves like an entrepreneur within the organization.

World War I saw the end of battles in formation. 97 years later why do we still educate in formation? Why do we still work in formation? Why are we not working like guerrillas? Learning like guerrillas?

Why is there so much focus on teamwork and so little on initiative? That’s like trying to understand a burned-out building without understanding fire. It’s like trying to understand gestation without understanding sex?

The greatest teams are talented intrapreneurs working for a common goal. There are many i’s in a great team.


As the owner you are the bridge between the talented intrapreneurs and the objectives of your business. You are the reason this works and you are the reason if this doesn’t work.

It is all about you, and you are an ‘i’. It is all about ‘i‘.

Great leadership is the product of initiative. Great teams are the product of initiative. Synergy is the product of initiative.

How many people on your team take full responsibility? Lead those intrapreneurs and replace the rest.

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