inspiration will not move a mountain

You cannot move a mountain without inspiration, but inspiration will not move the mountain.

Believing inspiration and doing are the same thing is the iMyth.

I can come across as being anti-inspiration, anti-self-help, anti-Kumbaya. I’m not. Really. Though I am a big fan of Wednesday Adams. I just see so many business owners stop half way up the road, puzzled inspiration doesn’t take them further.

Strategy is the same thing. You can’t grow an enterprise without strategy, but strategy will not grow the enterprise. Execution does that.

Waiting for i…

If there is one thing that separates the amatuer musician from the professional musician, or writer, or painter, it is the relationship to inspiration.

Professional artists don’t wait for inspiration. Like Godot it doesn’t come when you need it to. Professional artists execute without inspiration. When inspiration comes it lights the house on fire, but in between is hundreds of hours of just doing; leaning on the foundations (in the arts world your ‘chops’) and doing.


What I have learned, above all, is to keep marching forward because the best news is that since chance does play a role, one important factor in success is under our control: the number of at bats, the number of chances taken, the number of opportunities seized.Leonard Mlodinow

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Yoda

When the dust settles and the lights come back on only one thing will create a truly successful business: not inspiration, not strategy, but persistence.

Set your heading, then don’t stop.

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